Nalfleet 2000 25 ltr

Vörunúmer: 60200053

magn: 1 STK

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57.200 kr.
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NALFLEET 2000™ cooling water treatment combines film forming corrosion inhibitors with a scale suppressant in liquid form for ease of application. NALFLEET 2000™ will protect ferrous metals, copper and copper alloys and all other metals including aluminium components. NALFLEET 2000™ is soluble in water in all proportions and does not contain chromates.



  • Protects all common metals in cooling systems from corrosive attack
  • Protects against cavitation erosion
  • Compatible with glycols for frost protection
  • Simple to control
  • Safe to apply and handle


  • Minimises sludge and scale deposits
  • Approved by major diesel engine manufacturers


  • Stærð: 25 Lítrar


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