Venol Truck Blue CK4 10W-40-20ltr

Vörunúmer: 20200214

magn: 1 STK

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31.487 kr.
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Engine oil (LOW ASH) mainly intended for diesel engines. It provides excellent performance in modern high-loaded, low-emission engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and systems such as (DPF) and with oxidation catalysts for diesel engines (DOC). It is fully compatible with older generation engines and can be used with the same success in standard engines equipped with older emission control solutions. Recommended for trucks, work machines, mining, construction, mining, and agriculture. The oil provides exceptional abrasion protection and allows you to extend the life of the engine during very intensive operation. It can be successfully used for gasoline engines because it corresponds to the API SN/SM/SL class.

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